The burial grounds of Zeitenlick host the bodies of the soldiers wounded on the Western front, those who died in the hospital of Thessaloniki (Salonika) and the mortal remains of those who fought on Greek soil during 1915 and 1918. Built in 1916, the cemetery is situated in the enclosure of the International Military Cemetery, comprising that of the British, Italian, Russian and Serbian. With a surface of 3,5 hectares, it houses 8,310 corpses, of which 8,102 are individual tombs and 208 ossuaries : 6,347 from Metropolitan France, 1,222 from Senegal, 398 from Madagascar and Indochina and 343 from North Africa.

This gathering of corpses and mortal remains of the “Western Poilus” was realized between 1921 and 1923 by the French Military Services on missions involving civic officers in charge of the inhumations, rightful restitutions to families and the creation of burial grounds.

A total of 8,310 French, 8,000 Serbs of which 6,000 are in the ossuaries, 500 Russians, 1,750 British and 3,500 Italians rest in these burial grounds.

Other French Cemeteries in the Region
(Source : The Western Front 1914 – 1918, a collection from “Memory Lane”)

- GREECE : Kalamaki, Athens (53 corpses) and Gastouri, Corfu (209 corpses)
- ARYM : Bitola (6,262 bodies and 2 ossuaries containing around 15,000 corpses) and Skopje (960 corpses and 1 ossuary containing about 3,000 corpses)
- ALBANIA : Korce (640 corpses)
- BULGARIA : Sofia (586 corpses)
- RUMANIA : Bucharest (128 corpses and Slobozia (213 corpses)
- SERBIA : Belgrade (386 corpses)
- TURKEY : Instanbul, Ferikoy (251 corpses)

The text was translated by Lina Kiryttopoulou.

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